BCF’s 2019 Grant Recipients

Merrymakers Assoc. receives $4,000 to help provide 36 live music performances to senior facilities in Bellevue.

Omaha Performing Arts receives $1,000 for it’s K-2 Musical Explorers program that serves 433 Bellevue Students.

S.A.V.E. receives $5,000 to assist with their academic mentoring program that matches BPS and North Bellevue OPS students with college students on college campuses.

Bellevue Women’s Club receives $1,500 for planters and plants in Old Town.

Bellevue Fire Department receives $5,000 to help fund the reinstatement of the BFD Medi-Bike team.

American Legion Post 336 receives $2,000 for it’s monthly food pantry/bingo night.

LeMay Elementary School receives $4,420.92 to assist with the development of a Sensory Space to assist students with special needs.

Knights of Columbus (St. Mary’s) receives $5,000 to assist in the cleanup of their hall that was severely damaged by flooding.

Belleaire Elementary seeks $2,385 for it’s school poverty simulation.

BPS Academic Center of Excellence receives $3,000 to provide driver’s education and community activities to disadvantaged students.

Country Bumpkins 4-H Club receive $5,000 for facility repairs and improvements for their kids programs.

Gross High School receives $3,000 for it’s career and college planning program

Banister’s Leadership Academy receives $2,000 for it’s youth evening programs